At Nordic Lights, we specialize in beautiful home accessories and lighting, including decorative eggs, oil burners, candle shades and cone shades. Our selection is constantly updating to meet changing design trends.

One of the most exciting things about Nordic Lights is the chance to add some design flair and relaxing light to any space.

Warming and therapeutic

Not only do products from Nordic Lights look great in your home, but they can also help you combat conditions such as SAD (seasonal affected disorder) during the chillier, darker months of the year. Light therapy is a tried and tested way of boosting your mood by bringing a little extra light into your domestic spaces to help mimic the appeal of the great outdoors.

At a time when fewer of us can get out and about than ever before due to the Covid-19 pandemic, investing in some light-therapy-friendly additions will soon have you feeling more at ease and alert. Some of the key benefits of lighting therapy include not only combating seasonal depression and malaise, but also helping you to sleep better.

We’ve combined this emphasis on bright light with natural materials and sustainability, to help develop a guilt-free range of lighting which produces the true ‘feel good’ factor!

Inspired by Scandinavian design

Scandinavian interior design is famous around the world for its emphasis on incorporating nature and championing health and wellbeing. We’ve used the same principles in our own creations, paying tribute to this popular aesthetic to help provide a feeling of warmth, relaxation and comfort.

The 2021 range of products has sustainability and Scandi-appeal at its heart, helping you to create a cosy idyll where you feel right at home.

Your own oasis of calm

By using natural materials and neutral colors, the Nordic Lights range can help you calm down after a busy day. We’ve developed our range to work fabulously in a wide range of different settings, whether you’re choosing to relax with a scented oil burner or simply enjoy the appeal of a stunning candle shade.

When you choose a new design feature for your home, it’s important to focus on how it expresses your own personality, as well as any health and wellness benefits which you can get from your new purchase. With Nordic Lights, there’s plenty of ways to bring a little nature, calm and relaxation into your living spaces.