The sustainable design movement continues to grow, and at Nordic Lights, we believe the concept can work hand in hand with new technology. Our lighting products are uniquely crafted to create a beautiful look in any room, using LED lights or providing ample room for tea lights or candles to illuminate your interior spaces.

The rise of sustainable design

Trends such as upcycling (updating old furniture) and the popularity of shabby chic helped make sustainable, natural design a little more mainstream. Today, an increasing number of brands are ensuring their products have an edge of sustainability.

Design fans will also have noticed that modern design is looking more and more to the natural world for inspiration – something which is reflected in the Nordic Lights ‘Wildlife and Nature’ and ‘Florals’ collections, which can help you build your own sustainably-inspired idyll.

Finding sustainable design choices

It is increasingly easy to find sustainable design, without having to pay excessively high costs for it! From incorporating more plants and natural materials into your home or workspace, to checking how companies you buy from source their materials – there are lots of ways, big and small, to get involved in sustainability.

How does this impact Nordic Lights?

Here at Nordic Lights, each of our products is made exclusively by materials sourced in the UK. The elements which go into creating our stunning collection of candle shades, oil burners, cone shades and accessories are all from sustainable, renewable sources. It’s very important to us that we act in the best interests of our customers, so alongside being sustainably sourced, our products are also carefully quality tested before dispatch, helping to safeguard their longevity and prevent hasty replacements or repairs.

This dedication to quality and sustainability means we can provide fantastic, original designs to our customers with minimal negative impact on the planet.

The Nordic Lights Range

Our range includes candle shades, decorative eggs, oil burners and much more. Our oil burners are designed from ceramic and powered by electronics. Thanks to the gorgeous cut-out design, you’ll be able to see your chosen design illuminated on the walls while the aroma you’ve selected spreads throughout the room.

For 2020, we’ve also launched a special Christmas collection ideal for getting you into the festive spirit. This includes Christmas baubles and candle shades which will add a uniquely festive look and feel to your spaces this season.