Scandinavian design has been growing in popularity over the last few years, but is also well-loved for its timeless, minimalist aesthetic. At Nordic Lights, we specialise in candles, candle shades, oil burners and accessories inspired by the beauty of Scandinavian design principles.

Here is a few reasons why choosing Scandinavian-inspired design works particularly well in the area of interior design – and how you can add a little Scandi-flourish to your own home!

Champion simple minimalism

Minimalism is nothing new, but the Scandinavian take on the minimalism adds a freshness to it which is much more appealing. Scandinavian interior design strips things back to just the essentials, with furniture choices and accessories each fulfilling their purpose.

There’s limited clutter, and yet less emphasis on stark colour choices than many forms of minimalism. Instead, Scandinavian minimalism uses light colours to create the illusion of space where there is none – and economical, multi-purpose furniture works particularly well in smaller homes and apartments.

Add some warmth

While Scandinavian design is often associated with minimalism, it is also well known for adding plenty of warmth to spaces. The idea of ‘cosiness’ is well established in Scandinavian culture, with an emphasis on creating a comfortable home to return to. This has become an international preoccupation, particularly at a time in history when so many of us are stuck indoors! By choosing Scandinavian-inspired accessories and design choices, you can be sure of a more welcoming home.

Create an oasis of calm

By using natural fabrics and neutral colours, Scandinavian design is fantastic for calming you down after a busy day. This is one of the major reasons why interior design in this style has become so widespread. Adding natural flourishes keeps you connected to the world around you, while also leaving plenty of room to imprint your own personality on your choices.

Where can I find Scandinavian interior design?

Whether you’re working on a full home renovation in the Scandinavian style, or simply want to add a few accessories which pay tribute to this aesthetic, Nordic Lights is here to help. Our range of products draw inspiration from the world of Scandinavian design and evoke a feeling of comfort and warmth throughout your home.

For 2020, our range includes plenty of fantastic products sourced exclusively in the UK and designed from materials which have sustainability at their heart – providing you with a guilt-free, beautiful new addition to your interior spaces.